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MomoStory is a Momodora X Cavestory cross over fangame!
  • Play as Momo, Dora, Quote, or Curly
  • Play with your friends or alone!
  • Explore an open world with bosses and collectibles

While the game does have online multiplayer due to my inexperience there is a slight delay on the inputs. It may be better or worse depending on your connection. LAN would be best for multiplayer.

If you run the server and play on the same computer you will not experience any delay. Just ignore the ip and port options if you do this.

If you decide to play online you must port forward. If you cannot do that you can use third party software such as hamachi or zero tier. I've had the best results with zerotier. You can access their site HERE

Special shoutout to @vibrantrida for drawing a new character portrait for Quote and Curly

Download Momostory HERE